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A place to share view points, opinions, perspectives on business risks and controls

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This website aims to provide some views and guidelines on how to develop a systematic approach to identifying and spotting risks in different categories.

Many organizations, governments and business conglomerates are today grappling with multiple risks – some of them known, some of them under the tip of the iceberg and found out only when it is too late. For even identifying relevant top risks related to any sphere of life – be it business or life or geopolitical issues – involves a deep understanding of not only the internal processes, systems and people but also a fair understanding of the industry / market and external factors that have an impact.

Views / recommendations expressed herein are to be construed as starting point for a journey that would be different for each one.

The author hopefully expects that the posts and articles would demystify concepts around business risks, provoke thought, action and ideas on how to structure your programs for risk management and internal business controls.

About the author

I am Sujatha Venkataraman, a Chartered Accountant and a Commerce Graduate, from Chennai, India.

Having retired from active corporate work life, I got inspired to share my thoughts, view points and experiences in the area that has engaged me the most in my work life – topics on risks, business controls and governance.

I have about 36 years of work experience – of which 16 years as a hardcore finance and accounting professional in the industry, and about 20 years thereafter as a pre-sales software architect in the Information Technology industry. My expertise and domain are in the areas of Enterprise Resource Planning and Enterprise Risk Management, Compliance, internal controls and governance.

I have passionately championed these topics and thought it fit to share my knowledge, experience that could help absolute new comers and the uninitiated risk professionals to start off with basics.

Happy reading!