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Digital risks and Cyber risks -are they the same?

There are many definitions floating around digital risk management and cyber security risk management. The words “digital risks” and “cyber risks” are sometimes loosely used as synonyms by many. Here are my thoughts and perspectives on the understanding of these terms: Digital risks are those risks involved in adopting Digital initiatives or bringing in “digital…

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Assessing Cyber security risks

Technology is permeating all aspects of business at an increasing rate. New ways of conducting business processes, – remote access, BYOD (bring your own device) and now WFH (work from home) – are bringing about an incredibly broad and diverse domain of cyber risks that are here to stay. An Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) program…

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My take on IRM and GRC

The next buzzword after GRC (Governance, Risk and Compliance) is now IRM (Integrated Risk Management). (Not to be confused with another acronym “IRM” which denotes “Information Rights Management” which is a form of IT security technology for protecting access to sensitive documents and emails.) Why are we emphasizing so much on new acronyms and confuse…

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